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As has already been agreed with Broadland District Council in the submitted planning applications, the proposals


  • A mix of home types ranging from one bed apartments and two bed homes suitable for first time buyers to four and five bed homes
  • 33% affordable housing, including discounted market and affordable rented homes,
  • Widening of Green Lane and improvements to the Green Lane/ Holt Road junction
  • Bus route running through the site in addition to enhanced pedestrian and cycle connectivity

As you will be aware, the scheme is divided in to two parts, known as phases one and two, and works to Phase
One are currently underway, roundabout works and improvement works to Green Lane have been completed.
Following internal review of the phase scheme, proposals are being put forward to reflect a better use of valuable
greenfield land, this will be achieved through the introduction of additional homes on the site, however this
change will not affect the ongoing works in phase one.

The proposals include a mix of new homes ranging from one bed maisonettes and two bed homes, ideal for first
time buyers, up to three, four and five bedroom family homes.

Before submitting a full planning application to Broadland District Council, we would like to gather feedback from
the local community.


 Revised Layout 2019

Revised layout